The Castor Cosplay - Free T'Challa Sewing Pattern

Posted on February 15, 2018 by Lee Norris

The second I saw the first Black Panther trailer, I knew I'd be making at least one of the stunning garments. The detailed armor and uniforms of the Dora Milaje are on my list of dream projects for the future, but for today's free pattern I figured we'd try something a little easier to tackle. The simple intricacy of T'Challa's tunics immediately caught my eye so I decided to make his deep royal purple option, with a metallic painted version of his gorgeous embroidered panel.

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. Additionally, sizing is based off of wearer's chest measurement.


The first thing to sew when assembling the vest is the dart on either shoulder. This causes the collar to curve up the neck more naturally.

Once you've added your darts, match up your two front lapel/collar panels at the center back, right sides together. Sew and press open your seam allowance, like you see below.

Place the top of the back yoke and sew it along the  smaller curve of your collar. On your front lapel pieces, clip the seam allowance from the corner to the seam you just sewed and then match up the edges with the dotted green lines below and stitch.

Starting at the center back, attach the princess panel (or maybe it should be the kingly panel in this case).

Assemble the bottom of the vest before attaching it to the bottom of the 'embroidered' panel; side front to side back to center back.

All that's left then are the facings! The hem of the tunic gets folded up and slip-stitched into place. The lapel facing goes together at the center back and then sewn onto the front lapel/collar panel, folded inward toward the wrong side of the tunic, and also slip-stitched.

Lastly, face the armholes, add a large hook & eye closure at the point of the lapel in front, and you're all set to talk Wakandan politics!

I'll be adding some more triangles to the faux embroidered panel to better match T'Challa's vest from the movie, but otherwise I'm quite please with the finished product!

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