The Emilia Sports Bra - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on January 3, 2018 by Lee Norris

Going to the gym doesn't mean you need to sacrifice your style. What better way to ensure that your workout apparel is both functional and comfortable than to make it yourself? The Emilia Bra features a front zipper and can be made from a variety of performance fabrics, including our aloe compression tricots and wicking fabrics, so you can make sure your new exercise gear is exactly the way you need it.

Fabrics & materials used:


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Pattern includes a 1/2″ seam allowance unless otherwise stated.


If you're overlaying your main fabric with some power mesh like me, I recommend stay-stitching it in some areas to keep it in place.

To start sewing your garment, sew darts toward the front of the bodice. If using an overlay, be sure to sew through both layers of fabric.

Cut a 1" strip of tricot, fold it in half along the length, and pin it to the top curve along the front of the bra panel like you see above. With right sides together, attach the front middle strap to the front of the bra bodice, sandwiching the folded tricot strip between the two fabrics using a 1/4" seam allowance.

Repeat with the front upper strap and fold your seam allowances upwards, toward the top of your garment.

Connect the front and back of the bra bodice at the top of the shoulders, like above.

Cut another long 1" strip from your tricot. Attach it, right sides together, around the armhole of your bra. While this area of the garment doesn't stretch too much, I still recommend a zig-zag stitch like you see below, again with 1/4" seam allowance.

Double fold the strip toward the inside of the garment and hand-stitch it into place. Repeat along the raw edges of the neckline and back of the bra and attach the two sides of your bra at the back with a zig-zag stitch. Note: leave about 1" toward the front of your bodice unsewn; this last inch will be tucked over your zipper later.

With the faces together, sew the band to the bottom of the bodice; the center fold should be placed at the center back. Fold it inward along the length, and fold the long raw edge inward again.

To finish up your bra, fold each of the raw edges of the center front inward and place your separating zipper on either side, aligning the retainer box with the bottom of your bra band. Top-stitch into place.

Lastly, trim the top of your zipper so it's the same height as your bra bodice. Fold the last inch of your bodice binding over the raw edges of the zipper and hand stitch.

Want more to perfect your workout look? Stay tuned for The Erinus Shorts, coming tomorrow! In the meantime, peruse our tricots and let me know which fabrics you can't wait to pair together!

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