The Future of Fashion Creativity

Posted on July 16, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

There’s little reason to believe that the fashion industry will ever exist again as we knew it, pre-COVID-19. The world is in a state of limbo with many questions left unanswered. All industries are struggling, but the fashion industry realizes that it needs to make some major changes to move forward with a successful and prosperous future that's socially and economically aware. As we all navigate through the coming months together I have found some ways that fashion creativity and design will shift and evolve.

Let’s get into it!

Designing with the People in Mind

An interesting shift that we all witnessed early on in the COVID-19 occurrence involved the US and all of its people taking on the good samaritan role. As people were laid off from their jobs or forced to work from home, many have set out to make face masks. Home sewists, companies, and designers began to create masks for medical workers as a shortage in medical masks prompted an immediate need for them. In just a few short months, face mask designs have become more advanced and practical. Many are coming to terms with face masks being a part of our post-lockdown attire, and the future holds more user-friendly features and designs.

Reevaluating the Industry Method and Spending

Many companies and designers have taken this time to take a closer look at their infrastructure, ideology, and approaches to clothing regarding human necessity. Becoming more socially and environmentally responsible is a shift all brands are realizing they need to make to be successful in the COVID aftermath. With time to spare, finding solutions for mindful designs that are better quality and practical may prompt the need for a new fashion schedule with fewer seasons and deep discounts for retailers. Moving forward, consumers expect quality and sustainability from designers and companies. Consumers will be more careful and mindful of their spending as compared to recent years.

Providing Useful Information

In a similar way that the community has come together to create masks, those that have fashion and textile knowledge are sharing it with the world. Many are educating others during this time. Webinars, tutorials, and educational posts are flooding the internet, and it’s easier than ever to access expert knowledge from those that are typically traveling or working their typical 9-5’s in the office (which hasn’t been possible the past few months). I’ve loved joining the influx of webinars that I’ve found— they keep me in the know, and I feel like I’m having a lunch date with celebrity designers and fashion CEOs.

Design Presentation in New Ways

Previously, fashion month happened twice a year, allowing designers to showcase the trends and their lines for the upcoming seasons. It’s a given that the way fashion shows once were is now a thing of the past. Designers are now combing through new approaches for presenting and designing their collections that step outside fashion venues and runways with people gathered around the stage. Even virtual shows, which are the obvious answer, are not the highly favored answer. Designers are looking for fresh new ways to sell their merchandise— a way to inspire themselves and their customers post-confinement. The source of our upcoming trend reports will likely be a bit different this Fall.

A Generation of Emotional Maximalism

Lilly Berelovich from Fashion Snoops predicts that the pandemic will prompt fashion to embrace emotional maximalism. The future of style and fashion will be heavily impacted by the conscious consumer who is aware of their purchases and will make active decisions to purchase quality materials that will last while also being good for the environment. Berelovich also predicts that consumers will embrace fabrics and colors that make people feel good while opting for silhouettes and exaggerated details that allow them to take a break from reality. Emotion will likely have an indefinite impact on consumer’s purchasing decisions and sewists design decisions.

Fashion is shaped by history, and current events have always been a reason for this. COVID-19 has done a lot of damage thus far, but the future of fashion creativity will pick up speed and momentum as designers and consumers look towards the coming days with inspired and shifted minds. 

What are your thoughts on the future of fashion creativity?

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