The Heath Jumpsuit - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on March 16, 2022 by Greg Dugdale

Jumpsuits, coveralls, boiler suits⁠—whatever you call them, they need a space in your spring wardrobe. The trend, driven largely by thoughts of sustainability, gender-fluidity, and body positivity, started to gain traction back during the early days of the pandemic, but this year we're seeing it in full swing. Create yours with one of Mood's verified eco-friendly fabrics today! Their new MoodEarth label makes it simple to shop responsibly.

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Note: All seam allowances are ½’’, except the neckline, which is ⅜’’.

1. Print, tape, and cut out the paper pieces. 

2. Pin pattern to fabric, cut two of everything besides the front plackets. 

3. Clip all the notches and make markings on the front placket. 

4. Mark and sew your back darts. 

5. Fold the outer edge of the pocket bag facing ¼’’. Next, pin the facing to the pocket bag lining. Edgestitch down and baste the side that’s not pinned. 

6. Pin center fronts together and sew to the dot indicated on your pattern.

7. Pin and sew your back pieces together, matching notches.

8. Pin your pocket lining piece to the front pants, stitch, and press.

9. Next, place your pocket bag right sides together and stitch around. Baste the top edge once the pocket bag is sewn.

10. Fold pocket flaps right side together, pin, and sew at ⅜’’. Flip right side out, press, and then topstitch.

11. Fold the top part of the pocket bag to ¼’’, then another 1’’, and top stitch across.

12. Place pocket on the front bodice, placing on the placement lines indicated on the pattern. Pin pocket flap upside down and face down, ½’’ away from the top of the pocket. Stitch ¼’’ from the raw edge for the pocket flap.

13. Pin and sew your back bodice pieces together.

14. Pin your front and back bodice together.

15. Pin the top of the waistband to your bodice and stitch.

16. Pin front and back pant legs together and stitch.

17. Pin the bottom part of the waistband to the pants and stitch.

18. Prep your placket with all the lines on it. Fold placket to the wrong side. Mark your buttonholes on and sew on the two layers.

19. Fold the placket again to cover the buttonholes.

20. Pin the straight side to the right side of the jumpsuit and stitch.

21. Pin and stitch the U-shaped area at the top.

22. Once stitched, fold back the top part of the placket. Stitch ⅜’’ to the notch. Trim, press, and cut a small notch for the collar to be attached. Pin the rest of the top placket to prepare for the collar.

23. Pin and stitch the left placket. With the remainder of the top placket, fold it back and pin.

24. Fold back the placket and sew ⅜’’ to the notch just like you did previously.

25. Open your jumpsuit up and lay flat. Match the folded edges of the placket pin and stitch. Once stitched, topstitch along the edges to secure the plackets in place.

26. With right sides together, sew collar at ⅜’’.

27. Pin collar to neckline matching notches and stitch at ⅜’’. Next press the collar seam, then fold the raw edge under and hand stitch shut.

28. With right sides together, pin sleeves, and stitch. Once the sleeve is stitched, fold your hem ¼’’, then 1’’.

29. With right sides together, attach sleeves to the garment matching notches.

30. With right sides together, sew your tabs at ⅜’’, leaving the end open. Trim and press. Once pressed, sew buttonhole.

31. Place tabs on the outside waistband where it was marked facing the opposite way and stitch at ¼’’. Once stitched, press the tabs towards the center back seam and stitch again at ¼’’. Next hand sew the buttons on either side.

32. Fold the waistband lining raw edges under ⅜’’ hand stitch shut.

33. Fold the bottom hem ½’’, then 1’’ and stitch. 

34. Hand sew your 8 buttons on the placket. 

35. Lastly, to finish all seams, use a serger, pinked edges, zig-zag stitch, or piped edges. 

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