The Helios Cosplay - Free Starlord Sewing Pattern

Posted on October 1, 2018 by Stephanie Espinal
free Star Lord sewing pattern

In a galaxy full of infinite possibilities, we bring you the Helios, a feminized version of our much-loved Star-Lord jacket! This kick-ass jacket will definitely make you stand out from the rest of the crowd this upcoming Comic-Con or Halloween. As an added bonus, it also looks great while keeping you warm from the fall weather! Follow our lead and try it with a luxurious faux leather, or tone down the costume dial and make it a part of your permanent wardrobe with a cotton twill.

free Star Lord sewing pattern
free Star Lord sewing pattern
free Star Lord sewing pattern


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

Begin by cutting out all of your pieces according to their directions and making sure to mark all notches. I prefer to lay the pieces out first so I can clearly visualize how the jacket will be assembled. Before beginning to construct your jacket, add the decorative stitching lines on the pattern pieces where marked.

Carefully attach the front shoulder, center front, and center bottom pieces to each other by sewing them regularly first then topstitching.  Next create the strap pieces by sewing them with the right sides in, then flipping out and topstitching. Insert the two strap pieces between the center front pieces and the front side pieces, then topstitch the seam to make the inserted strap pieces stay in place.

Next, repeat the same process with the back pieces. First sewing the pieces regularly, then topstitching.

Before attaching the sides of the jacket together, add the snaps to the front of the jacket where the straps meet the center front.  You will also need to add snaps to the bottom front of the jacket, but you can add those in after the center front placket has been attached.

Once the snaps have been placed, you can attach the front and the back at the side seams. Now it's time to add the waistband that will connect the front and the back pieces together. Begin by sewing the bottom of the waistband piece to itself at the bottom now pin the piece into place all around the bottom of the jacket. Then flip it up and topstitch.

Sew the shoulder armor pieces inside out leaving open the sides where the arm straps will be inserted, then flip the piece right side out and topstitch.  Now it's time to work on your sleeve, begin by attaching the sleeve pieces together to make the full open sleeve. Attach the upper arm to mid armband then attach the lower sleeve piece to the forearm piece. Stay-stitch the shoulder armor to the top of the sleeve matching the curves at the top. Once the entire sleeve is completed it can be attached to the torso of the jacket.

Once the sleeve has been inserted you can insert the arm straps around the arm into the openings where the armor was left open. Once they have been placed topstitch the openings closed.

Now it's time to add the front placket. Sew the two placket pieces together with the right sides touching, then flip right side out and top stitch. Sew the placket about 1/2" inch from the center front right with the purple side up, then flip over and top stitch so that the flap goes over the center front opening and the red side is facing out. This piece is cut in two colors so that when folded open at the top the inside color is contrasting. When complete the red side should be facing out while the purple side should be on the inside. Mark where the snaps will be placed on the torso of the jacket so that they will line up with the open placket piece there should be 2 on the top and two on the bottom. Attach the snaps using your plier kit.

Complete your jacket by adding your collar and the center front zipper.

free Star Lord sewing pattern
free Star Lord sewing pattern
free Star Lord sewing pattern
free Star Lord sewing pattern
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