The Ixia Leggings - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on January 21, 2019 by Molly Hannelly
Free Sewing Pattern

Sometimes, you want to get dressed to the 9s. High heels, lipstick, full skirt and a billowing blouse paired with a good blow out. And sometimes it's 15 degrees out and the idea of putting on pants is abhorrent. It's then that I pull out my leggings and thank whatever genius created tights with thicker fabric. The Ixia Leggings are just that. Thicker than tights but comfortable like you're not even wearing pants, the Ixia Leggings are perfect for throwing on under a tunic dress or circle skirt and heading to work, or going to the supermarket in a sweatshirt. Plus, this pattern is super basic, so the fabric combinations are endless. Use pleather or shiny spandex for going out, or a conversational print for a funky statement piece!

Free Sewing Pattern

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The Ixia Leggings are by far the easiest things I've ever made, and I once made a grilled cheese sandwich using a clothing iron. First, connect the rise on the two front panels and the two back panels. Line the rises up and sew the inner seams.

Leggings sewing pattern

Once the inner seams are all lined up and sewn into place, you can line up the outer seams and sew them up.

Leggings sewing pattern

At this point, you've got a pant shape going on. Try them on, make some adjustments if need be. Then, you can sew on the waistband. Sew the width of the waistband together.

Leggings sewing pattern

Usually, I would stitch one side of the waistband down, and then slip stitch the inside. Because this fabric is so soft and cozy, and it doesn't fray, you can simply fold the waistband in half and sew it all down right there.

Leggings sewing pattern

Try your leggings on one more time, and make sure the length is accurate. You can even mess with the length a little, whether you want cropped leggings that go just below the knee or all the way down to the ankle.

Hem the bottom of the leggings, and there you have it. There is a space on the pattern, at the bottom of the ankle, for you to enter a zipper. I chose to omit that to keep it basic, but feel free to add that cute little detail! Simple, stylish, comfortable, the Ixia leggings are almost too easy! I would love to see these made from some fun fabric, like sequins or velvet, or with some alterations like a corset tie up the calf!

What will you be making the Ixia Leggings out of? Let me know in the comments!

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