The Jamesia Pants - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on March 1, 2018 by Lee Norris

Sometimes a fabric is so stunning that it needs a clean silhouette to truly make it pop. The Jamesia Pant is simple and sleek, so you can choose a material with a vibrant personality. In this pattern, seams are kept to a minimum and pockets were cut out completely in an effort to let your textile take the spotlight. Plus, its easy design means you can have a whole new wardrobe of flare pants in just an afternoon's worth of sewing!

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2β€³ unless otherwise stated.

Regardless of your sewing skill level, these pants are super simple to put together. I think this pair took me 45 minutes, cutting included! I chose to go with a twill for these, but anything with a little bit of give and a stable hand should work well. I might try a stretch denim next!

Start by sewing the darts in each of your pant panels, following the guides on your pattern pieces. These will help the fabric hug your curves perfectly!

Connect the two front panels at the pant rise, wrong sides together. Trim the seam allowance and then sew the same seam with the faces of your fabric together to create a French seam like you see below. Repeat for the back pant rise.

Insert an invisible zipper at the right side seam of your pants, starting about 1/2" from the top of the garment. Sew up the remainder of the side seam using a French seam. Close up the opposite side seam as well as your inseam similarly.

At this point your pants should start looking like pants! Use this point to try them on - take them in or out at the darts, followed by the side seams if necessary.

Right sides together, attach the waistband facing across the top of your pants. Finish the raw edges of the facing with a rolled hem, fold it inward toward the inside of the garment and iron.

Lastly, try on your pants one more time, choose a hem length best for you and trim to 1" below the desired length. Double roll the extra inch and stitch to hem your pants.

I absolutely adore how these turned out. They're stunning, fit like a dream, easily customizable, and (I'm told) super comfy! I can't wait to make 9 million pairs for myself. What fabric will you be using for yours?

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