The June Bralette - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on April 18, 2022 by Shavonne Cruz

This season's athletic wear is all about being seen and making a statement. Colorblocking and two-toned color pallets are right on trend! The June Bralette free sewing pattern is packed with style and has just the right amount of edge! If you are looking for a quick sewing project that challenges your creativity then look no further. Try styling your new bralette with any one of our free legging patterns for the ultimate workout ensemble. Moods UV Protection tricot is perfect for this top. You could also try a 4-way stretch French Terry and Ponte knit which make great options as well.

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Here's how to sew:  Note: Make sure you adjust your machine to sew with a straight stretch stitch. All seam allowances are 3/8" with the exception of the neck binding on the inner bralette.

Step 1: Pin the outer layer of your bodice together at the shoulder and side seams then stitch. Finger press your seams open and finish with a double topstitch.

Step 2: Fold the neckband in half and stitch along the edge. This seam will now become the center back seam of the neckband. Finger press the seam open and fold the neckband in half once more with the right side facing out.  Align the notches of the neckband to the opening and pin the neckband in place. Once you've stitched the outer layer of your neckband in place, turn under the remaining side, pin, and stitch.

Step 3: Using a rolled hem at 3/8", turn back the remaining raw edge of your bodice and stitch. Set the outer layer aside as you work on the bralette underlayer.

Step 4: Now, let's work on the bralette. Pin the together and stitch at the side seams. Finger press the seams open and finish the seams with a double topstitch. Use a rolled hem at 3/8" and stitch starting under the arm and continuing all the way along the back and to the other side. Fold the binding lengthwise so that both edges meet in the middle. Beginning at the center neck, stitch and encase the raw edge of the neck opening with the binding.  Continue stitching the binding along the length as it becomes the straps. Use a double backstitch to tack the straps in the back where indicated.

Step 5: Join both the outer and inner layers together by aligning the notches along the bottom edge and pinning them in place. Use a basting stitch to hold them together as you prepare the waistband. Pin the front and back waistband together at the side seams and stitch. Press open the seams with your finger and use a double topstitch to finish. Pin the waistband along the bottom edge and stitch it in place as you did the neckband. Turn under the remaining side and finish with a topstitch.

The June Bralette - Free Sewing Pattern - Mood Sewciety
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