The Juniper Skirt - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on March 11, 2018 by Lee Norris

While I love gorgeous, intricate gowns, sometimes I just want to sit at my sewing machine and have a cute, wearable garment within the hour. We now have a number of quick and easy patterns available so sewists can do exactly that when the mood strikes! Today, I'm adding this adorable A-line skirt to the collection. The Juniper Skirt is simple and sleek, so you can make it from a number of different fabrics! Use a basic cotton canvas with a surprise lining so it can match every cute top in your wardrobe, or choose a vibrant print to let the skirt be the focal point of your outfit!

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated.


First, add the darts into each of your skirt panels. There should be two in front, two in back, and one on the front overskirt panel. Be sure to sew them into both your main skirt fabric and your lining.

Fabric faces together, sew your overskirt lining to the main fabric around the curved side, like you see below.

Clip the seam allowance along the curve, turn the flap right-side-out and press.

Sandwiching the overskirt between the front and back panels of your skirt, sew up the side of your skirt, with the overskirt lining towards the skirt front like you can see below. Depending on which way you cut out your skirt flap panels, this could be either the left or right side of your garment.

Fold the overskirt flap toward the skirt front and you're ready to attach your waistband. The band should be two panels, which you'll need to attach along one of the shorter sides. Place that center seam along the side seam of your skirt and sew along the top edge of your skirt, fabric faces together like below.

Starting halfway down your waistband, pin and insert a 9" invisible zipper along the open side of your skirt. Once sewn to both the front and back skirt panels, sew down the remainder of the side.

Take the two remaining lining panels and place them with the faces together. Sew halfway up the side the zipper will lay, as well as fully up the opposite side.

Attach the lining to the hem of your skirt, faces together. The lining should have been cut 1" shorter than your main skirt fabric, so when you flip it right-side-out, you'll have a small hem facing like you see above.

Folding the raw edges inward, pin the remaining open side of the skirt lining to the backside of the zipper. Fold on the hem in half toward the inside of your garment and similarly tuck the unfinished edges inward. Slip-stitch along the waistband and zipper to finish your skirt.

I love staple pieces and can't wait to make this in a million different colors and fabric types!! What are you considering using first? Let me know in the comments!

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