The Lennox Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on November 8, 2021 by Greg Dugdale

When it comes to holiday dress it's difficult to find the right outfit. Why not make a new outfit, by sewing Mood's newest dress pattern! It's easy to sew and it's zipper-free. You can use stretch velvet or any type of super stretchy knit. 

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Note: Use a stretch stitch on all seams of this garment.

Tip: Velour is slippery. I advise you to use lots of pins, as well as a walking foot when sewing to avoid catastrophes.  

1. Print, tape, and cut out pattern pieces. 

2. Lay the fabric out and place pattern pieces; cut. 

3. Sew the front bodice and side bodice pieces together at the princess seams.

4. Sew the front bodice and back bodice together at side seams.

5. Pin and sew the skirt at the side seams.

6. Pin and sew sleeves at the inseams.

7. Pin and sew the inseam of the shoulder flounce.

8. With right sides together, pin flounce to the bottom of the sleeve matching side seams. Note: You will need to ease the flounce into the bottom of the sleeve.

9. Hem the flounce ⅜", pin, and stitch. 

10. With right sides together, pin sleeve to the bodice matching notches.

11. With the right sides together, pin and sew the shoulder flounce and front/back flounces together. Keep in mind the shoulder flounce will be in between the front and back yoke. Note: Since the seams in this flounce will be noticeable, an alternative option would be to use a french seam to sew it together.

12. Pin the flounce wrong side to the bodice right side. The flounce will be facing right side up. Now use a basting stitch to stitch the flounce and secure it in place. Make sure all your notches and seams line up correctly. 

13. Pin and sew the front and back yoke together at the shoulder seams and stitch.

14. If you chose to cut your two back yoke pieces for a keyhole opening at the center back, finish off your center back edges with a baby hem.

15. Open up the yoke and attach the top shoulder piece. Make sure you are matching your front and back notches accordingly.

16. With right sides together, pin the yoke to the bodice of the dress, matching seams.

17. Fold the neckband in half and sew the sides together. Then, trim the corner seam allowance to make sure it's perfect when turned right side out.

18. With the right sides together, pin one layer of the neckband along the neckline and sew.

19. Fold the neckband over, tucking in the raw edges, and hand stitch the inside.

20. With right sides together, attach the skirt to the bodice while matching the side seams.

21. Finish with a rolled hem.

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