The Lunaria Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on March 30, 2018 by Lee Norris

As we get closer to spring, I find myself thinking more about sipping tea and attending garden parties or walking through botanical gardens, smelling the daffodils as butterflies lazily float over a medley of hyacinth and tulips. To match this hypothetical perfect spring day, I figured people would need the perfect spring outfit, and the Lunaria Dress is terrific for any occasion this season. Create it with a stunning floral fabric for those fancy Sunday brunches, or in a solid color for a more minimalist look while exploring SoHo with some heels and shades to match. Featuring a tie to cinch the waist, and flounce sleeves to add a little bounce, this shirt dress can be dressed down or spruced up for any occasion.

Fabric & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 22.
I always like to start with interfacing any fabric pieces that need to be stabilized. This way, when it comes time to sew them, I can go right ahead and do it without having to slow down.
For this dress, I recommend interfacing one of the collar stands, as well as 1.5" along the center front of the dress, which will become the button plackets.
Once you're done with the interfacing, you can set those pieces aside and start on the back of the dress. There should be two notches toward either end of the lower back panel; with the fabric faces together, pin the back flat to the back panel up until these notch points. In between the points, evenly gather the remainder of your lower back fabric, like you can see below. Stay-stitch into place.
Take your second yoke panel and sew it to the wrong side of your garment. The lower back panel should then be sandwiched between both yokes.
The back of your dress is complete! Set it aside for the moment and grab your front dress panels.
Fold the center front edges 1.5" inward toward the wrong side of the fabric, like above. Fold the raw edge under another 1/2" and stitch it down like in the photo below.
Attach the front panels to the back yoke at the shoulders and sides using French seams, and then sew on the interfaced collar along the neckline.
Face the collar with the second panel, trim the seam allowance and then turn it right-side out and press. Fold the raw edge inward and slip-stitch along the bottom of the collar.
Add the top portion of your sleeves to the armholes of your dress. Again, French seams are recommended here to avoid any raw threads pulling apart inside your garment.
Next, take your sleeve flounces and found each in half along the two notches, fabric faces together. Sew along the edge opposite the notches, like you can see above.
Fold each flounce in half again, this time matching up the notches. Evenly gather the flounce onto the bottom of each sleeve and sew.
The last thing you'll need to add is your buttons and buttonholes, following the guide on your pattern, and then the dress itself is complete!
The belt is made up of two long strips, sew together along the shorter flat side to create a center back seam. The raw edges can be finished with a simple rolled hem.
I absolutely adore this dress, especially with this pinstripe floral fabric. I can see it lasting far past spring and through summer. Can you say perfect end-of-summer bash outfit? What fabric might you be using to make your own?

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