The Nolana Jeans - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on May 7, 2018 by Lee Norris

Boyfriend jeans are just comfy as heck, aren't they? Pant silhouettes have been all over the place recently, with some holding fast to the skinny options, while others have been taking the elephant leg pant trend as far as it can go. With these, I thought we'd land somewhere in the middle. Boyfriend jeans are the perfect thing for a casual day out, or you can class them up with some cute heels for Sunday brunch. The Nolana Jeans are cut right at the calf, so you can show off all your best shoes, especially if they match these adorable studs I chose to add to this pair.

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 26. Update 2/18/21: V2 of the Nolana Jeans released with updated back yoke.

If you've already made our Forsythia Jeans, these should be super easy because they go together almost the exact same way.

Start by facing your jeans' pockets; these are what's shown while the pants are being worn. Place the facings with the wrongs sides against the face of your pocket lining and zig-zag stitch along the raw curved edges.

On the back side of your pocket, trim the lining along the curve of your denim facing. Fold under, press, and straight stitch like you see above.

With the faces of your denim together, place the curve of your pocket along the corresponding curve of your front jean panels. Sew along the curve of the pocket and notch the seam allowance.

Fold your pocket over toward what will become the inside of your pants, press along the curve, and edge-stitch. Finish up your pockets by folding the lining in half and sewing along the bottom (just the lining, don’t include the pant panel).

With the faces of your denim together again, line up the fly facing with the extension on the wearer's left pant leg, and sew along the shorter edge, like you can see above. Fold the facing toward the wrong side of the pant panel and press.

Use a twin needle to stitch into place and then connect both front jean panels at the front rise, like in the photo below. Set the front of your pants to the side for the moment and we'll get started on the back!

Attach the yokes to the back panels, like below, and use a twin needle again to stitch down the seam allowance.

Connect the two back pant legs at the rise, stitching down the seam allowance again and then form your back pockets. For the pockets, Fold the top edge down about 1", and stitch before folding the remaining edges inward 1/2" and pressing. Pin into place on the back of your jeans and edge-stitch, leaving the top side open.

Attach the front and back of your pants at the inseam and then stitch the seam allowance down before attaching them at the outer seams. For the outer sides, only stitch down the seam allowance from the waist to just below the front pockets. Add your waistband , fold in the raw sides, and edge-stitch around its entirety.

Overlap the fly extensions and stitch into place along the bottom edge. Mark where you'll be adding snaps and insert them using the plier kit. If you have one, Dritz's grommet plier kit makes perfect holes for the snaps that you see above.

Add some belt loops to the front, sides, and back, and your jeans are complete!

If you're opting to add some of the studs that I used on these pair, they're super easy to use. Simply poke them through your fabric from the right side, and fold the spikes over on the wrong side to secure. For thinner fabrics, you could add some interfacing where you'll be placing the studs for some extra support.

What color are you going to make yours? Let me know in the comments below!

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