The Nymania Pants - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on March 8, 2019 by Shavonne Cruz
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Next up, we have our Nymania Pants free sewing pattern! When paired with our Nepeta Blazer, you have one stunning suit. With great details like the elastic drawstring waist and faux cuffed bottom, the Nymania Pants are great for wearing as a separate! As you know, we used one of Mood's exclusive cotton sateen prints for our suit, but you could also try using lightweight french terry for a cool athleisure look or try crisp linen for the warmer months. You could totally rock these pants with your favorite graphic tee! Have any ideas about how you'll wear your Nymania Pants? Let's us know!

Free pants sewing pattern

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Mood Sewing Pattern Size Chart

Here's how to sew:

On the front of the pant, sew in each dart. Then with right sides of the fabric together, pin fronts at the center front seam and stitch. Press seam flat.

Next, pin the first half of your pockets to the front of the pants with right sides the fabric together. Align your pocket to the side seam of pant and stitch in place. Press.

Sew the darts on the back of your pant pieces just as you did with the front. Pin at the center back seam and stitch. Press flat.

With right sides of the fabric together, pin the second half of the pocket to the side seam and stitch in place as you did with the front. Press.

Now you can pin the front of the pant to the back with pockets pressed and facing outward.

Stitch down 1/2" from the top along the side seam of your pocket. Then continue across the top of the pocket, down around the side, and back to the pant side seam.

Once the pocket is sewn, fold it over so it lays flat against the front of the pant. Pin the top of the pocket to the bottom edge of the pant waist and baste stitch in place.

Continue stitching down the length of the outseam. Press all seams.

Now match up the front and back seams at the crotch, pin and sew along the entire length of the inseam. Press.

With right sides of the fabric together, pin the casing together at the sides and stitch. Press seams.

Fold the casing along the length and press. On the top layer of your casing at the center front, mark two buttonholes for the faux drawstring. Once you have your buttonholes done, insert your drawstring through one end and out the other. Determine your desired length then cut.

With right sides of the fabric together, pin the bottom edge of your casing to the top edge of your pant and sew. Press the casing seam. Next, on the inside of your casing, fold under the seam allowance and press. Now top stitch the casing along the inside edge. Make sure to leave a small 2-3" opening so you can insert your elastic.

Use a large safety pin to guide your elastic through the casing. Make sure both ends are sewn together before stitching the opening closed.

Now, the only thing left to do is finish your pant leg with a rolled hem. If you like the look of our faux cuff, I'll show you how to achieve this with a one-sided print.

Roll the bottom of the pant leg up so the wrong side is facing out. Then, roll back the top of the cuff in half so the right side is facing out. Smooth out the cuff, making sure it's even then press.

Slip stitch the bottom to the inside edge of the cuff. Tack the cuff along the top edge, and that's it's you're done!

Free pants sewing pattern
Free pants sewing pattern
blazer sewing pattern
Free pants sewing pattern
The Nymania Pants - Free Sewing Pattern - Mood Sewciety
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