The Perth Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on May 18, 2022 by Greg Dugdale

The perfect start to summer is a sweet, effortless sundress. For this summer, we've definitely fallen in love with the cutout trend! Now, who’s ready to be their most fabulous selves in Mood’s newest pattern, The Perth Dress?! Not only is this dress on trend, it’s easy to sew and can be made using multiple fabrics, like double cotton gauze, linen, and chambray, among others.

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Note: All seams are sewn with a French seam.

1. Print, tape, and cut pattern.
2. Pin and cut out of fabric.
3. Make bias tape by marking on paper 1 ½’’ wide, then cutting from your fabric.
4. Mark notches, as well as darts.
5. Sew darts and press darts down.
6. Pin and fold the raw edge of the back bodice ½’’ then ¾’’ and edge stitch. Leave ½’’ on both ends unstitched; you will be folding the seam up in a later step.

7. Using a French seam, pin front and back skirt together at side seams and stitch.

8. Fold the top edge of your back skirt ½’’, then ¾’’. and edge stitch, leaving the ends open for the elastic.

9. Measure the middle of your back waist, and cut the elastic to that size. Once cut, thread elastic through and place a pin on both ends to hold the elastic.
10. Pin front and back bodice together at shoulder and side seams.

11. Adjust the front skirt and gather evenly, pinning and matching side seams. For the back, pin to the notch that is on your pattern.

12. With the remainder of the back bodice, fold up the exposed seam and topstitch. Once that is topstitched, go back over the edge for the strap to go through.

13. On the back of the skirt, stitch both ends shut and secure the elastic in place.
14. Pin and stitch the bias tape on the neckline and armholes. Stitch at ⅜’’, and press seam allowance towards the outside. Once pressed, understitch around the neckline and armholes.

15. Fold the bias tape over the seam allowance and pin. Topstitch at ⅜’’.

16. With the longest piece of bias tape, fold it in half and pin, leaving an opening in the middle to flip right side out. Sew a ¼’’ seam. Once the string is right side out, hand sew the opening shut.

17. Fold the hem up ½’’ then ¾’’ and edge stitch.
18. Lastly, thread string through the back bodice channel, pull to your liking and tie.

The Perth Dress - Free Sewing Pattern - Mood Sewciety
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