The Robin Jumpsuit - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on December 16, 2022 by Elisabeth Moore

Don’t know what to wear to the holiday festivities? Want to really wow the room without getting out of your comfy clothes? We’ve got the best of both worlds with our new Robin Jumpsuit Free Sewing Pattern: a chic 1970s-inspired jumpsuit that allows you to boogie all night in comfort. Made with our stunning Andreas Pleated Stretch Satin, the palazzo style pants are spacious, providing movement and ease. Pair this with an oversized blazer like our Nepeta Blazer Free Sewing Pattern and a pair of platform heels for a show-stopping look!

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The seam allowance is ½” unless otherwise stated.

If you’re using pleated fabric, cut the fabric as it naturally lays unless otherwise noted.  Do not stretch. 

How to get started:

1. Fold the straps in half lengthwise and sew. 

Note: If you’re using the pleated fabric, press the pleats out of the fabric so you can cut the correct shape. 

2. Use a loop turner to bring the straps right side out. Press. 

3. Sew the darts in the front and back lining, then press.

How to sew the top:

1. Right sides together, place the bodice self pieces onto their corresponding linings. 

2. On the front pieces, arrange & pin the pleats at the top so the excess fabric fits onto the lining. 

3. Repeat with the back pieces, arranging the pleats along the top edges.

Note: if you are sewing with a non pre pleated fabric, gather the fabric instead!

4. Sandwich a strap in between the two layers, with the front end 3/4" away from the center front point on the front bodice, and the back end at the back bodice notch. Double check to make sure the straps aren’t twisted. Then sew along the top edges.  Understitch. 

5. On the front bodice pieces, sew the top half of the center front, right sides together.  Trim seam allowance and press towards the lining.  Understitch.

6. Turn right side out, then arrange & pin the pleats at the waist so the excess fabric fits onto the lining. 

7. Right sides together, sew a front and back bodice piece together at the side seam, being mindful of the straps twisting. Repeat with the other side. Finish the seams.

8. Right sides together, pin the two front pieces at the center front.  Sew together from the bottom to about halfway up.  Trim seam allowance and finish the seams.

How to sew the pants:

Note: For this fabric I chose to sew a rolled hem to reduce bulk.  Since I used a rolled hem foot attachment, I hemmed the individual pant pieces before sewing them together at the side seams.  If your hem stretches out the pleats, simply press them back in place. 

1. Right sides together, sew a front pant to a back, up the side and inseams. Repeat with the other leg.  If you're sewing a regular hem, do so now.

2. Sew the two legs together at the rise, right sides together. 

How to finish the jumpsuit:

1. Right sides together, sew the back waistbands to the front at the short ends. Repeat with the lining. 

2. Right sides together, pin the waistband self to the bodice self, lining up the side seams. Repeat with the lining, sandwiching the bodice between the waistband layers. Sew along the bottom edge.  

3. Right sides together, pin the waistband to the top edge of the pants, lining up the side seams. Arrange the pleats evenly on the waistband.  Sew, then finish the seam.

Note: if you’re using non pleated fabric, use gathers instead!

4. Sew the invisible zipper in.

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