The Role of Color in Fashion

Posted on January 19, 2023 by Stephanie Triplett

As time passes, most things change, including colors and fashion styles. Both have a significant impact on the world and are influenced by past and current events. Each season has trending colors, and colors that represent each year. Why is this relevant, and what does it all mean? The psychology behind it all is quite interesting.

In color psychology, colors represent our minds and the way we feel. Colors help brands predict consumer behaviors. They are present in everyday life, and subconsciously, they affect the human response, often in a subconscious way. Designers with a strong brand awareness have been using color to distinguish and recall brand images for years. Think of colors like Tiffany's robin egg blue or Hermès’ orange. It’s likely that the exact color instantly came to mind.

Pantone Color Institute researches to determine the colors featured in fashion and home decor each year. Their research shows the impact life has had on people's lives in recent years and their current outlook on life. For instance, the colors forecasted for spring represent chaos and quiet, bringing together escapism and a sense of reality. After being confined to our homes for what seemed like the longest year, everyone had to learn to adapt to a new normal where we all venture back out at our own pace with masks and many safety precautions in place to keep ourselves safe.

The saturated colors of bright yellow, pink, and orange embrace chaos and living life to the fullest, while softer blues, pinks, and neutrals represent peace and tranquility. There is an extreme contrast in colors for spring and summer, and they coincide with the varying ideals for the season. These color combinations encourage experimentation and individuality.

We rely on color for holidays and seasons, and to represent our moods, even if we don't do it intentionally. The world is full of colors, and fashion is no different. I love finding colors that suit my skin tone and pop with my eyes. Interestingly, the colors we see are well-researched and chosen by science-backed research. Fashion doesn't happen by chance, and now I realize that color doesn't either.

Have you ever chosen your clothing color based on your mood? Leave a comment below if you can recall a time.

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