The Savannah Shacket - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on December 8, 2021 by Greg Dugdale

One of my favorite things about the changing weather is the seemingly endless combination of garments you can throw together to make the perfect layered look. We all have the standard tees, denim, sweaters, and, coats - but do you have this season's must-have piece? Effortless and versatile, meet the shacket (or, the shirt jacket)! This wonderfully comfy garment looks like a shirt, but comes with the warmth of a jacket without being too bulky. Try yours in anything from flannel to fleece to full-on coating!

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1. Print out pattern, tape, and cut.

2. Cut out interfacing and cover buttons. 

3. Create cover buttons. Note: Depending on the fabric, you might want to interface the back of your circle to make it stronger. 

4. Interface cuffs, collar, and pocket flaps. Remember, if your fabric is thick, lay interfacing on the wrong side of the fabric, then put a press cloth and iron. 

5. Take your front piece and fold center front ⅜’’ then 1.5’’. Then topstitch using a 3 - 3.5 stitch length. 

6. Place the front and back pieces wrong sides together. Sew using a French seam. Please note: for the shoulders, I sewed a ⅛’’, then ¼’’ unlike the sides I did a ¼’’ and a ¼’’ french seam.

7. Sew the sleeve front and back together at ½’’ and stop right before the slit. 

8. Fold the raw edges of the slit under and topstitch.

9. Pin and sew the side seam of the sleeve. Once sewn, sew two lines of gathering stitches on both sleeves.

10. With right sides together, pin cuffs together leaving one side open. Stitch at ½’’, trim, and press.

11. Now pin the cuff at either end and gather the bottom of the sleeve to fit the cuff. Once the cuff is all pinned, sew and press.

12. Now fold the raw edge of the cuff to the inside and hand sew. Note: You can machine stitch if you want, but the fabric is super thick.

13. Now pin your sleeve into your armscye matching side seam and should seam notches. Since there is no lining, I suggest using a serger, zig-zag stitch, or making your own bias binding.

14. With right sides together, pin and sew collar at ⅜’’. Trim and press.

15. Now pin the collar matching to the notches indicated on the pattern. Stitch at ⅜’’ and press.

16. Now fold the raw edge in ⅜’’ and hand sew shut. Note: You will have to hand stitch the facing down.

17. Next, mark the placement for your pockets. You can use whatever you want to mark, but pins were the easiest option for me.

18. Fold the top part of your pocket under to ⅜’’ then another 1’’. Press, pin, and stitch.

19. Pin pocket to the front where it's indicated on the pattern and topstitch using a 3 stitch length.

20. With right sides together sew pocket flap at ⅜’’, trim, press, and topstitch.

21. Pin the pocket flap ½’’ above the pocket upside down. The raw edge should be facing the top of the pocket. Sew a ¼’’ seam.

22. Now fold pocket down, press, and topstitch ¼’’

23. Sew the front facings to the back facing. Make sure that they are facing the right way when you sew them.

24. Pin facing to the right side of the garment, matching the side seams. Sew ¼’’ along the bottom and press.

25. Fold the raw edge of the facing in by ⅜’’ and hand sew shut.

26. Mark your buttonholes using the button guide on the pattern or you can add more buttons if you like. You can use chalk or pins to mark the holes.

27. Mark the other side of the shirt for the buttons. Hand sew all the buttons and then you're done!

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