The Sylvan Tank Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on June 7, 2021 by Greg Dugdale

Do you know what the best deal is? Getting three different patterns in one! That’s right, you read that correctly: three free patterns! With the Sylvan pattern, you can make a racerback dress, a tank top, or a cropped tank top. For these garments, we recommend that you use knits with more than 60% stretch, such as a rib knit or bamboo jersey. If you want to get extra trendy with these simple garments, you could cut the back a different color than the front!

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1. Cut out your pieces with the widest stretch going across the body as you lay out your fabric and pattern. 

2. Change the stitching on your machine to a stretch stitch or overlock stitch. 

3. Place front and back together face to face, pin, and sew at the shoulders and side seams.

4. Fold your armscye bindings in half face to face and sew along the short edge.

5. Fold the binding in half, wrong sides together, pin, and prep to add to the armhole.

6. Matching seams, pin the armhole binding to the armscye, matching right sides together. 

7. Create the neck binding exactly like you just did for the armhole facing. Mark the center back seam with a pin. 

8. Make sure the binding seam is at the center back of the garment, pin the binding face to face along the neckline, and sew.

9. Pin neckline binding to the garment and sew.

9. Regardless of which length you chose, finish with a rolled hem.

10. Prefs fold lines out and press the binding seam allowances toward the inside of the garment so all bindings lay flat. Note: if the fabric has elastic or synthetic fibers, use a pressing cloth and a low heat setting so you don’t melt your fabric.

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