The Tacca Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on September 13, 2021 by Greg Dugdale

Do you want to be a shining star, talk of the party, or just look drop-dead gorgeous on your next night out? It’s finally time to lose that comfy chic clothing and start dressing up again! Check out our brand-new free pattern from Mood, the Tacca Dress. Not only is this pattern cute, but you can use a wide variety of materials such as sequins, brocade, lamé, or jacquard.

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IMPORTANT: If you don’t have a lot of patience for ripping out sequins, choose a bigger sequin or a non-sequin fabric. If you choose a bigger, sequin keep in mind that the size of the sequins could affect the swag. 

1. Print pattern 

2. Tape pieces together and cut out your pattern. Note: If you are doing sequins, it's optional to do the streamer piece not cut on the fold, and just hand sewn around the edges rather than double it up. Doing this would reduce bulkiness at the waistline. 

3. Prepare your fabric. If you have sequins or something beaded, make sure everything is going in the same direction. I also recommend cutting one piece at a time.

4. Place your pattern pieces onto your fabric. Note: Since this pattern is asymmetrical,  double-check each pattern piece carefully before cutting to ensure that they're facing up in the correct direction. 

5. Remove all your sequins from your pattern piece along the seam allowances. For this sample, I did not remove the sequins into the waist darts for the front bodice and skirt. Since I was using a sequin fabric, I chose to pleat the darts instead of sewing them fully.

6. Mark your darts using tailor's tack/pins and remove sequins. To remove sequins in the dart, start at the middle and work your way down one side, then do the other. As you are removing the sequins, keep measuring the dart from your pattern to your actual dart so it will be the most accurate as possible. Lastly, hand baste the dart and then sew. Note: work on all darts before sewing anything else.

7. If using a bulky fabric here, change the skirt dart into the pleat by putting two pins where the legs of the dart are and then fold them to one side and pin. Do this same process for the waistline darts on your front bodice. 

8. Sew the streamer down the side seam and one short end to create a tube.

9. Flip right side out and sew a gathering stitch across the top. 

10. Hand stitch the hem of the swag on both sides.  Note: be sure to double-check your hem is the right width, these sequins have a mind of their own!

11. Sew a basting stitch along the front unfinished edge of your streamer.

12. Gather the streamer and the swag matching at their notches along the waistline of your skirt. 

13. Place the bodice face to face with the skirt, matching side seams and darts, and sandwiching the streamer and swag in between. Sew along the waistline. Note: If using a thicker fabric, I would suggest hand sewing, then machine sewing.

14. Attach your back pieces to the front at the shoulder and side seams.

15. Pin swag starting 2’’ above the bottom edge at the center back seam. Sew the center back seam about 12’’, leaving the remainder open to add in your zipper.

16. Insert your center back zipper. 

17. Set in your sleeve, matching notches and seam lines, and sew.

18. Pin shoulder pad to shoulder seam and hand sew into place.

19. Do a rolled hem at the top of the dress and hand sew. If you are doing a lining, skip the hand sewing and sew how you normally would for a dress lining with right sides together, flip, and under stitch.

20. Fold the hem and sleeve edge upward 2" and stitch.

The Tacca Dress - Free Sewing Pattern - Mood Sewciety
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