The Winterberry Cape - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on November 6, 2019 by Lee Norris
cape sewing pattern

Long coats are everything this winter, and I'm loving it. Trenches, overcoats, capes - I love rocking every single one as soon as the first crisp leaf hits the ground. With a full silhouette that sweeps the ankles, The Winterberry Cape free sewing pattern fulfills all of my winter needs perfectly. Made here in a quality wool cashmere and luxe charmeuse lining, this pattern would look equally stunning in anything from tweed to velvet!

cape sewing pattern
cape sewing pattern

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First, sew your two back cape panels along the center back seam with the fabric faces together. Repeat with your front panels, attaching them to the back along the shoulder/side seam. Press your seams open and top-stitch the seam allowance down on either side with your widest straight stitch.

Form your cape lining by attaching the front facing to the side front lining pieces. Fold your seam allowance out toward the side seams and top stitch. Attach your front panels to the back at the shoulder/side seams and sew up the center back seam. Set your lining aside for the time being.

Add one edge of your collar along the neckline of your cape, faces together. A half inch of collar should overlap on either side.

Fold your collar downward in half, placing the faces together, and stitch down the sides. Clip your seam allowance, and turn your collar right-side out. Stay-stitch or pin the lower open edge into place.

Pin your lining to your cape, faces together and sew along the center front edges and neckline, sewing the unfinished edge of your collar into place in the process.

Next, place your armhole facing on top of your front cape panel, faces together, following the guidelines on your pattern.

Sew a rectangle around the facing, through both layers of fabric. Cut open your rectangle, making sure to notch into the corners, and turn your facing inward toward the wrong side of your cape fabric.

Pin into place and edge-stitch around the armhole to finish.

Hem your main layer and lining layers separately.

Lastly, edge-stitch around the center front and collar of your cape, and add a toggle or snap along the front neckline.

cape sewing pattern
cape sewing pattern

Add your preferred closure and it's ready to wear!

What color coating are you planning on using for your Winterberry Cape? Let me know in the comments below!

cape sewing pattern
cape sewing pattern
cape sewing pattern
cape sewing pattern
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