The Zenobia Dress - Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on September 28, 2018 by Stephanie Espinal
free dress sewing pattern

Chic, elegant and comfortable are all words that describe the Zenobia Dress. Bishop sleeves and a full tiered skirt give this dress a romantic and feminine aesthetic. The Zenobia dress can be made up of a variety of fabrics for different occasions and effects. Use a cotton sateen/voile combination like we did for the perfect casual dress or try a 4 ply crepe/chiffon combination for an elegant evening dress that can be embellished to the nines!

free dress sewing pattern
free dress sewing pattern
free dress sewing pattern

Fabrics & materials used:


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All seam allowances are 1/2″ unless otherwise stated. See chart below for sizing specifications. Note, this specific pattern is available up to a size 30.

Begin by cutting out all your pattern pieces according to their instructions and making sure to mark all notches. Next, carefully close the darts on your bodice pieces.

Now, using a French seam, connect the back bodice pieces to the front bodice at the sides.

Now we will move on to the upper skirt.  Begin by connecting the front piece to the back pieces at the sides with a French seam, then making a basting stitch all along the top length of the piece. Pull the threads on the stitch you just made to create your gathers. Keep gathering until the piece matches up with the bottom of your connected bodice pieces.

Now connect the gathered skirt piece to the bodice using a french seam.

Sew the bottom 2" of the newly connected skirt piece using a French seam at the center back. Now connect the bottom skirt pieces at the side seams, again with a French seam, and baste all around the top. Gather the top of the piece so that it matches up with the closed bottom of the top skirt piece. Pin in place and then attach using a french seam to complete the skirt.

Now it's time to work on the sleeves! Begin by closing the seam on the upper sleeve using a French seam.

Next, close the sleeve puff at the side and baste the top and bottom. Gather the top so that it matches up with the bottom of the top sleeve. Attach the pieces using a French seam.

Let's work on the cuff.  Sew the two cuff pieces together and press the seams open. Then fold the piece and sew the side seams.

Now, using the basting stitch we made earlier on the bottom of the sleeve puff, pull the threads to gather until it matches the size of the cuff.

Pin, then sew the pieces together. Finish the inside by sewing the cuff into place by hand using a slip stitch.

Almost done! Add the fusible interfacing to the neck facing pieces and then sew them together at the side seams. Pin the facings in place along the neckline of the dress and sew into place. Clip the seam allowance here at the curves so that the piece will lay flat when flipped in and press. Add your invisible zipper to close your center back. Hem your dress to the desired length. Complete your garment with a Made with Mood tag and voila! Your Zenobia Dress is complete!

free dress sewing pattern
free dress sewing pattern
free dress sewing pattern
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