Tips for Sewing with Sequin Fabrics

Posted on December 17, 2019 by Stephanie Triplett

Exquisite garments can sometimes come at a cost, whether it’s through loss of comfort or being a pain to work with. Sequins and beads are usually considered both. Don’t fear, we are here to share tips that will make working with sequined and beaded fabrics a walk in the park. 

Recommended Sewing Tools

Cutting & Pressing Tips

  • Cut fabric one layer at a time with blunt scissors or a rotary cutter to make cutting easier 
  • Sequins that face the same way should be placed vertically and in a downward direction for cutting
  • Keep fabric in place by using fabric weights
  • If you are not planning to get rid of entire rows of sequins, you should cut each sequin that needs to be removed with scissors. 
  • If you need to remove beads then place tape over that section and smash them gently with a hammer.


  • If you must, press fabric with sequins on the wrong side using a press cloth and use the finger press method when dealing with newly sewn seams. 

Sewing Tips

  • Choose simple silhouettes when working with sequins to make the sewing process less aggravating
  • Sequined fabrics with a little stretch are a bit easier to sew with, perfect for sewing body hugging garments
  • Use a zigzag stitch to finish edges (DON’T use a serger, the sequins will damage the knives and needles)
  • Before cutting, mark the seam allowance on your fabric and clear it of sequins by flipping the fabric over and seam ripping the area you need to sew, this makes it easier for the machine needle to go through the fabric and will give off neat stitches.
  • Save your fabric scraps and use the sequins from it to patch up any bald spots that might appear on your garment


  • Omit the sequin removal step and sew in between the lines of sequins (to avoid needle breakage) using a size 70 needle, a long stitch length, and sewing slowly

Lining Suggestions

Always use a lining when sewing with sequined fabrics, the thread used to attach the sequins is often scratchy against the skin. Some of our favorite lining fabrics are below:

Final Tips

  • Don’t wash fabric with sequins at home, treat it as a dry clean only situation
  • Remove sequins at the hemline to reduce scratchiness and bulk 

You’ll be shining from outer space once you master these tips, making sequined fabrics more enticing to design and sew with. While your silhouette may have to be rather simple, the sequins will take center-stage effortlessly and you’ll be able to sit back and admire your work and only you will know how easy it was to work with!

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