Tips to Make Face Masks More Comfortable

Posted on October 1, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

Before you run out the door for the day, it’s important to leave with your essentials including your cell phone, wallet, keys, and now your sanitizer and face mask. Many people are wearing masks for countless hours a day and have quickly realized how uncomfortable and downright irritating they can be for the face and ears. No fear, we’ve got a post for that so keep reading for tips to make your mask more comfortable.

If your face mask is hurting your ears check out these ideas:

  1. Button Headband & Hat

An easy way to relieve mask discomfort is to make your headband or hat (or purchase one) and attach buttons on either side for mask loops to attach to. Button headbands are also quite easy to use, which is a huge bonus.

  1. Button Glasses

A no-sew hack that’s especially great for the kiddos is to thread a small hair elastic through buttonholes and then attach it to each arm of a pair of glasses. Adjust the elastic on the mask by tightening accordingly, then loop the elastic around the buttons.

  1. Alternate Mask Designs

1. A tie-back mask is adjustable and doesn’t loop around the ears (remember that 100% cotton fabric is great since it’s quite breathable). They’re also suitable for those with hearing aids or other hearing impairments and won’t cause any irritation.

2. Another option is neck gaiters which are stretchy tubes of fabric that slide over the head to cover the rose and mouth. Use a cotton knit with a four-way stretch for the best results. 

  1. Get The Right Fit

If your mask with elastic loops is tugging at your ears, consider altering the pattern using our face mask fit guide. Replacing the elastic for slightly larger pieces will likely do the trick, or if you’re in a pinch you may opt for placing the elastic loops around a circular object to slightly stretch the elastic. 

  1. Ear Savers

An ear saver is a small insert made of a thin strip of fabric and buttons on either side that the loops of masks can attach to to relieve pressure from the ears. This tip is genius and only takes a matter of minutes to whip up. 

While wearing a mask is still different and new to many, remember the true heroes that have been wearing them all along. Do your part, whether that’s making these changes to make you or your loved ones masks more comfortable.

Spread the wealth and leave your tips for making your mask more comfortable below!

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