Top 5 Halloween Costumes for 2022

Posted on September 22, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

The first day of fall has just arrived, which means it's time to dive fully into the festive decor and spooky vibes. Before we know it, Halloween will be at the door. If you’re making your costume, these things take time, so it’s time to figure out which costumes will have a moment this year. With costume influences from popular shows, I’m certain that pop culture will influence this year’s top costumes.

While it’s impossible to ignore the influence that sows like Euphoria and Stranger Things will have on costumes for Halloween 2022, the top 5 costumes selected here highlight more involved costumes for those that want to design an entire look.

halloween costumes 2022

Bridgerton's Kate Sharma

Characters from Bridgerton, the show we all fell in love with in 2020, aired its second season earlier this year, and with that came a continued surge of interest in Regencycore style. Capturing a Bridgerton character style is all about embodying regency-style dressing. A new character introduced in season 2: Kate Sharma is the focus of the Bridgerton costume looks for 2022. To get the look for Ms. Sharma, the dress must have an empire waistline with an a-line skirt. Add in opera gloves and matching jewels, and a polished updo to bring the look full circle. 

halloween costumes 2022

Sanderson Sisters

Just in time for Halloween, an iconic spooky season movie, Hocus Pocus, is releasing a sequel. It’s only fitting that the trio we all know and love get their moment to shine this Halloween. Must-haves to complete this costume are a cape made with velvet and a medieval-inspired gown. Grab a broom and the corresponding wig for your Sanderson sister of choice, and you are ready to go. 

halloween costumes 2022

Top Gun: Maverick

In a time where there are so many shows and movies to keep up with, it’s a safe bet that the top-grossing film of 2022 will be pretty well recognizable if that’s the look you’re going for. I love having an option that isn't too involved, and Maverick is one of the most straightforward to achieve. Get a bomber jacket and an aviation jumpsuit, and you’re all set. This costume works for any fighter pilot in the movie(s), making it perfect for one person or even a group costume.

halloween costumes 2022


Take a trip to Dutton Ranch from Yellowstone with your costume this year. Whether you want to portray John, Casey, or Rip, it’s all about dipping into the western-style look. Grab a denim shirt or a plaid button-up with a denim jacket and some riding chaps to complete your base. Adding a cowboy hat and riding boots or a dad hat and jeans with Yellowstone Dutton Ranch branding embedded somewhere will drive the look home. 

halloween costumes 2022

Ahsoka Tano

The Mandalorian is a space western, and the costumes are eye-catching. Ahsoka, the Padawan turned Rebel leader, wears a cat head-shaped headpiece and a mandarin-style sleeveless top complete with an open vest and pleated skirt in her latest appearance. A set of fingerless gloves, embellished belts, and knee pads are additional touches. 

Spanning from show and movie favorites, the top five costume roundup for Halloween 2022 is a decently versatile one, including era-specific gowns, western garb, and even some space westerns. What are you creating for Halloween? Leave a comment below!

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