Trend Report: Outerwear

Posted on October 24, 2019 by Sarah Tawfeek

As the chilly weather approaches, it's time to get our closets ready with outwear that'll keep us warm and cozy for the next two seasons. From pastel colored outwear to outerwear made from plaid, tweed, and leather fabric, your closet is bound to have you covered for all types of weather.  According to popular designers, now is the time to express your style by wearing all kinds of colors and fabrics so let's take a look at some inspiration!


There's nothing better than soft colors that do a lot of talking. Any and all pieces of pastel colored outerwear are must-have wardrobe staples for the upcoming seasons. Brands such as Acne Studios, Jacquemus, and more have created a trend of pastel colored outerwear pieces that are pleasing to the eye and complimenting to the body. Pastels are for the chic, delicate, and classy young ladies that wants to add more color to their closet without looking too vibrant. Take a look at how it's done!

For the fall, winter, and early spring seasons, wool is a nice choice of fabric to keep an eye out for. Fortunately, Mood has a great selection of pastel shades in wool fabric and other fabric types that you can use to create your own outerwear pieces or other clothing pieces if desired.

  1. Italian Pastel Pink Creped Wool Double Cloth
  2. Chocolate/White/Pastel Yellow Plaid Suiting
  3. Oscar de la Renta Pastel Purple Stretch Wool Double Cloth


Leather has always been a wardrobe staple since earlier generations and still continues to captivate people even today. You can never go wrong with a little bit of grunge by rocking these dark yet attractive outerwear pieces. Leather jackets can easily be dressed up or down depending on the occasion which makes them an ultimate add on to your outfit! Style them with blue jeans and a pair of black heels or pair the leather jacket with a skirt and some sandals just like the model below! Leather jackets provide the sophistication that all ladies and gentlemen desire while also giving off alluring qualities to make one stand out.

Leather is one of the most creative and unique types of fabric that one can use to create a stunning piece of outerwear. From Croc embossed leather to patent leather and more, the options are endless.

  1. Famous NYC Designer Chocolate Faux Fur Patent Leather With Gray Fleece Backing
  2. Black Embossed Faux Croc
  3. Fudge Faux Patent Leather With Black Knit Backing

Plaid and Tweed

Plaid and tweed are everyone's best friend. Plaid is a clothing piece that you can find in almost anyone's closet and serves as a cozy shield on the body for the colder days. Tweed is a more recent trend and is used to create short jackets that compliment the pencil skirt and heels outfit combination. Both are definitely iconic fabrics that have been featured on the runway multiple times and even recently! Take a look at how designers are styling plaid and tweed nowadays!

Try out our suiting fabric that combines the two popular trends: pastels and plaid. You can also use an orange tweed fabric similar to the one shown on the model to recreate the stunning jacket. We also have a large selection of plaid prints to choose from in a variety of fabrics that are perfect for all seasons and occasions. Also, tweed and plaid fabric are currently on sale at!

  1. Famous NYC Designer Novelty Orange Wool Tweed
  2. Italian Black and Gray Buffalo Check Wool Knit
  3. Navy and White Plaid Wool Knit

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