Types of Presser Feet

Posted on April 13, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Did you know you can solve a lot of your sewing struggles by simply using the right presser foot for your sewing project? While a standard foot is good, specialty feet will make certain aspects of a project easier creating a more professional result. The presser feet discussed in this post are available at Moodfabrics.com.


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1. Cording Foot

Equipped with a large groove that allows a heavier thread to pass through freely, this foot is ideal for attaching cords and heavy elastic trim more for a decorative effect. Use this presser foot for cushions, garments, and quilting. Don’t forget to feed the cord through the presser foot before attaching it to the machine, then use a zig-zag stitch (selecting the zig-zag steps accordingly) for sewing.

2. Quilting Foot

Make straight stitches, perfect edges, and corners when attaching fabric pieces with ease to make quilting much easier than sewing by hand. The ability of this foot to sew easily across fabric makes it great for jackets, home decor projects, and more. For the best quilting results, make sure the fabric is cut precisely, starting with a scrap piece of fabric when stitching pieces together.

3. Darning Embroidery Foot

The small circular opening on this presser foot allows the needle to pass through when sewing with an arm that rests on the needle clamp that moves up and down while sewing. Set the machine to a straight stitch or a zig-zag stitch (for embroidery and monogramming). While this foot is perfect for repairing holes or torn areas, its uses go beyond that for free motion embroidery, stipple quilting, and monograms. 

4. Gathering Foot

Gather and join lightweight fabrics simultaneously with the help of this foot. Slide fabric under the presser foot and select the stitch length to create neat and even gathers with minimal fuss. Make curtains, tutus, and various crafts with the help of this foot. 

5. Walking Foot

This foot works with the sewing machine to evenly feed layers of fabric through making it perfect for dressing making, quilting, or even patchwork. It can work with multiple layers at a time, pulling them through the feed dog in harmony. Sewing stretch fabrics like jerseys or knits is a lot easier when using this foot, and it won't stretch out your fabric. 

6. Zipper Roller Foot

This foot contains an invisible roller foot for installing invisible zippers, which can be a bit fussy to install without the right tools. Several adapters are included making it compatible with multiple machine types.

7. Hemming Foot

This foot hems and tucks fabric at the same time. It’s especially useful for sewing sheer or fine fabrics to create a small and discrete hemline and eliminate bulk.

Don’t be afraid to experiment with different types of sewing feet to find which ones work best for your needs. These feet are great for achieving practical and even decorative finishes for garments, quilting, and patchwork (depending on the foot).

Tell us in a comment below about a time when you discovered a presser foot that changed the sewing game for you.

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