We're Loving Cutouts for Spring 2021

Posted on February 11, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Carrying over an exciting trend from one season to the next, spring is keeping cutouts, and they’re looking sexier than ever. Let’s talk cutouts for spring: How we’re seeing them and how you can create and wear them too. 

Unexpected cutouts show a bit of skin, and they’re popping up from head to toe on garments. Cutouts found on the midriff and near the waistband are the most popular. Cutouts down the side of the legs and all over garments made appearances during the S/S 21 shows. 

Most cutout styles are simple to style up and transition from winter to spring, so there’s no better time than now to sew up some cutout creations that will be trendy now and through spring and summer. Just add or shed some layers as desired.

If you need more convincing to get on board then let me share some tips on how to rock this less-is-more trend even better than the runway models. When in doubt, add hip cutouts to your next pair of jeans for an effortless way to get in on the trend.

Try these tips:

  1. Since cutouts make a statement all on their own, opt for a monochrome color scheme for the rest of your look for some balance.
  2. Play with texture: Velvet, silk, or sheer cutouts are not only visually appealing but also soft to the touch.
  3. Want more from your cutouts? Add embellishments like designer Rapa Nahui to add even more pizzazz.
  4. Boring top? Add a cutout to the midriff area to add dimension and interest.
  5. Pick the size and placement of the cutout(s) that work best for you and have fun with it!

Use our free patterns with cutouts or create some using the pattern recs below:

Wandflower Blouse 

Add a cutout accent to this pattern by creating two separate casings for the drawstring detail to show off a little pocket of skin.

Lavender Tee Hack 

Use an o-ring to create a cutout that’s the literal center of attention.

Jamesia Pants 

Create cutouts at the hips for some peek-a-boo fun.

Bluebell Dress

No edited needed!

Petunia Romper

This pattern does all the work.

free blouse sewing pattern

Cutouts in dresses, bodysuits, pants, tops, and more are bound to hit the scene whether you’re having a dance party in your living room or catching some rays around the neighborhood longing for a vacay in a tropical paradise. Don’t miss out on the cutout fun. It’s customizable and a bit cheeky. What’s not to love?

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