What is the Coastal Grandmother Trend?

Posted on June 16, 2022 by Stephanie Triplett

The newest TikTok fashion aesthetic, the “Coastal Grandmother”, is all about embodying coastal living and dressing like a character from any Nancy Meyers movie. Celebrities like Anne Hatheway and Selena Gomez have taken to Instagram with their interpretation of coastal grandmother style: Sporting straw hats, oversized button-ups, and denim with a relaxed fit. More on what it is and how one can achieve such a look even if you don’t identify with either name, technically.

The coastal grandmother aesthetic follows the lifestyle of an ocean-side local who strolls alongside the beach and gardens and wears flowy laid-back styles that come together in a very minimalistic style. When you think of the clothing style of a wealthy middle-aged woman living in a coastal area, you get the clean and classic style portrayed in romantic movies that take place near the beach at an oceanside property or town.

The embodiment of this style is that of an offline lifestyle; Imagine gardening and clipping fresh herbs to go with dinner, relaxing on a luxe wraparound porch with a good book on any given sunny afternoon, and romanticizing your life. It’s a reminder to enjoy the little things like pouring your morning coffee and enjoying a meal around the table with your loved ones. This style is about living a simple lifestyle full of high-quality things like good food, company, and high-quality clothing pieces that focus on comfort and relaxed fit but give a seriously minimal effort effect. 

While the overall aesthetic portrays that of a simple yet lavish lifestyle, you don't have to make a ton or even sink a lot of money into the aesthetic to obtain it. Some of the aesthetic is about the lifestyle you lead behind the fashion, but if you’re dying to make your coastal grandmother-esque pieces, then it’s certainly possible without breaking the bank. The wardrobe pieces imperative for the coastal grandmother aesthetic focus much more on the fit and style than anything else. If it looks effortlessly put together, you’ve pretty much nailed the look.

You may recognize how closely this style follows a capsule wardrobe with its staple pieces and neutral/earthy colors and lack of prints. The trick to obtaining this look isn't in location or status; Instead you must lean into simple yet high-quality clothing. You’ll need the essential coastal grandmother fabrics: including cotton, linen, and cashmere complete with high-quality denim that has a lived-in look before wearing it.

Now you know more about the coastal grandmother aesthetic, how to embrace it from your lifestyle to your clothing, and how the new aesthetic came to be. Do you love the idea of a classic and timeless wardrobe? If so, this aesthetic and a capsule wardrobe might be suitable for you. More on capsule wardrobes can be found here.

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