What Makes High-End Fashion Good?

Posted on April 23, 2020 by Stephanie Triplett

'You get what you pay for' is something I've heard throughout my life (mostly in regards to bargain-priced clothing that has fallen apart in my hands). In the clothing industry, high-end clothing is often very costly. I wanted to figure out what makes it so good. Let’s break down the characteristics that make high-end garments so sought after and expensive to make sure that you’re getting what you deserve based on the amount you’re paying out. 

High-End Quality

The quality of high-end fashion is a huge selling point. How can you inspect designer clothing to make sure that the price you’re paying and the quality spent to create it are in sync? 

Here’s a quick tip list:

  1. Inspect the Care Label 
    1. Care labels specify the fabric content. High-end clothing is made of high-quality fabric that is free of blemishes, runs, and will be soft and comfortable against the skin. Additionally, natural fibers make the most luxurious fabrics. Embroidered and beaded, sequined, tulle, embroidered lacebrocade, lamé, and laser-cut fabrics are typically used for high-end fashion. Additionally, high-end clothing is often manufactured closer to home, which drives the end price up.
  2. Inspect the Seams
    1. The construction will be seemingly flawless. The stitching used will be neat and typically fancier than lower-end clothing. There won’t be any loose or broken thread. If you find major imperfections, you might question the authenticity of the items.
  3. Inspect the Details
    1. Closures and design elements will be done with quality pieces. Any beading will be secured well and will be unique to the garment. Stitches will be even and consistent, and the selected finish will conceal all raw edges.
  4. Inspect the Fit
    1. Perhaps one of the biggest differences between high-end fashion and other price points is the fit. Fit models and 3D figures are used to get a clear understanding of body proportions. Good designers have an exceptional understanding of anatomy and the importance of sizing trends and common body types.

High-End Experience

High-end fashion is all about the designer's ability to juggle the elements - picking a team that is good at designing, marketing, and adaptability to an ever-changing world and industry. Meeting the needs of consumers is an important aspect. From fit to fashion, high-end brands will nail each aspect while providing the luxury experience customers expect for the price paid. This is appealing to those that can afford to pay high prices for these luxury items. Gucci, Louis Vuitton, and Chanel are the most popular fashion brands in the world (source Luxe Digital). Will these top 3 brands tick all the boxes below?

High-end fashion is created by excelling in these areas:

  1. Brand Awareness
    1. Even if you don’t closely follow fashion, you’ve probably heard of these brands. They have all mastered the art of advertising in a way that will prompt engagement. Gucci is mentioned online over 11 million times a month, on average. I doubt that everyone who is talking about Gucci has bought one of their pieces, but they still know the name and at least one of their popular items.
  2. Creativity
    1. A leader and team that observes the world’s events can stay ahead of the competition by setting the trends instead of following them. Being able to successfully tap into their mind and creativity while keeping the consumer at the forefront of their creative process is essential to attracting and keeping attention.
  3. Customer Loyalty
    1. Customers become loyal when they feel like they're being appreciated and heard. Customer loyalty is built through quality products, a genuine message, and a luxury experience. Every member of a brand influences this customer loyalty from the design team to the person who packages the merchandise that then reaches the customers' hands.
  4. Emotional Connection
    1.  An emotional connection is vital. A brand has to tug on the heartstrings to capture attention, whether you’re talking to a customer service rep or browsing their site online. If you feel an emotional connection, you’re more inclined to purchase now and in the future.

High-end fashion isn't just about garments that look stylish; it’s also about the entire experience, what the brand stands for, and how the brand and clothing make you feel. As badly as I wanted to name trends and style aspects for this post, it isn't just about what styles a brand produces that makes them reputable. The entire brand represents itself in a high-end manner, and that’s what makes a brand so good or not so good.

What are your favorite luxury designers? Leave a comment below.

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