What to Wear for a Winter Wedding

Posted on December 14, 2021 by Stephanie Triplett

Winter is cold and magical, so a winter wedding is a dream for many! For brides, the cut is important, but it’s the detail that will wow in person and photos. The picture-perfect wedding is often portrayed with a wintery landscape, berry shades, and layers of capes and coverups to keep the bridal party and their guests cozy and warm. For some, I just painted your dream scenario but for others, they picture something much different. Allow me to dive into some different wedding options that appeal to several other visions, or check out this bridal post for some drool-worthy bridal pieces.

How to Achieve the Perfect Winter Wedding Dress

Coverage is important during the colder months. Dresses designed with sleeves, high necks, and full, floor-length skirts that trail the ground are common winter styles that provide warmth.

Another winter dress favorite is an A-line dress. It is a traditional winter dress that is loved by many because of its ability to flatter many body types while also providing the desired warmth necessary in the winter months, especially if you’re opting for photos in a snowy landscape. For a little bit of modern spice, two-piece wedding ensembles like the one pictured by Caroline Catigliano are stunning! 

A subtle undertone of a different color is one way to make any dress stand out against snowy weather. As mentioned above, other style options include full-length gowns and sleeves, but if you still prefer a simple gown, the scenery or accessories are perfect ways to embrace simplicity while still allowing beauty to seep in.  

Have a bolero, shawl, or cape in your wardrobe arsenal for the big day, ready for you anytime you need it, whether it's in pictures, or before or after the ceremony. An actual coat is also an excellent option that can offer an unexpected pop of color.

For a bridal gown, fabric thinks thicker lace, brocade, embroidered, and organza. Fabrics like those will keep you warm while also offering an extensive ere of luxury and prestige. Keep in mind that the more layers your gown has the warmer your bottom half will be, so if there was ever a time to cling to your princess dreams, a winter wedding is an excellent reason. Shop Mood for a stunning collection of bridal fabrics.

When selecting fabric colors, think outside the box. For classic wedding gowns, pure white is a no-brainer. While white is a classic color for weddings, colors like ivory, silver, or whites with blue or peachy undertones will add a dose of color where it is wanted without stomping on bellowed traditions. 

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