Wide Leg pants and high low top

Posted on September 28, 2015 by Nikki Brooks-Revis
With the weather getting cooler and cooler in the evenings, I'm completely in heaven.  I absolutely live for fall and the fabulous fall fashions.I looked in my closet and noticed I had only one pair of wide leg pants, which I happen to love by the way and unfortunately they seemed to fit quite different post baby.  Not quite sure what that's all about, probably the extra width of my hips which despite working out was probably inevitable.So I knew a new pair of wide legs were in my future.This fabric from moodfabrics.com is a must have when making pants that require movement.  It feels amazing, super comfortable and looks very luxe.The pattern used for these pants was the same pattern I used for these plaid pants, which was from one of my favorite pairs of jeans I ripped up with a few changes:

-Removed the fly

-Added a 4" waist band

-Added a 9" side zipper

-Added 3" to the length

The top was made using a self drafted top which I'm in the process of making available to you for free download. (FYI time management)







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