Zenobia/Yarrow Dress Redux pt. II – Free Sewing Pattern

Posted on April 24, 2019 by Molly Hannelly

They say life is what happens when you're making plans, but I say design is what happens when you're in the middle of sewing a dress and think "this would be super cute as a matching set." When I tried the top of the Zenobia/Yarrow dress on, I knew I needed to separate it from the skirt. This voluminous and versatile ensemble is exactly what I need for crisp Spring mornings and blustery afternoons, and transitions through the seasons with ease. I can pair the top with jeans, perfect for heading out to dinner, or faux leather shorts for going dancing. The skirt is so lovely, it can pair with a simple white tee or another bishop sleeve blouse for walks through the park or running errands on a bright Sunday morning. Worn together, this powerful pair can do it all from dancing the tango to brunch in the city. I chose a stretchy velour for my ensemble, but this would stunning in a variety of fabrics. Use a crepe for a textured look, or satin for a high-end feel!

free dress sewing pattern
free dress sewing pattern

For free downloads and pattern instructions, please visit the original Zenobia Dress and Yarrow Dress posts.

For this version, you will need the following pattern pieces from each pattern:

  • The Zenobia:
    • Bodice Front
    • Front Neck Facing
    • Bodice Back
    • Back Neck Facing
    • Upper Sleeve
    • Lower Sleeve
    • Sleeve Cuff
  • The Yarrow:
    • Skirt Top
    • Skirt Bottom

As soon as I saw Courtney's Frankenpattern (or should I say, Frankenstein's pattern?), I knew I had to recreate this dress. Upon trying on the top to this luscious look, I realized that splitting it up would create a super stylish matching set, and give me not one, but three totally different outfits! I am a sucker for versatility, so this was the perfect way to change up a pattern in a simple way.

It was super easy to change this pattern around. All I needed to do was create some waistbands since I didn't need closures (thank Swatch for stretch). I made one for the blouse and one for the skirt. I measured my waist and then decided on the thickness for each band. I wanted a one-inch band for the blouse and two inches for the skirt. So, I made one rectangle that was 36" by 2" and one that was 36" by 3", (accounting for 1/2" seam allowance on either edge). Then, I simply inserted them into their respective garments, and voila! Two garments, one sharp ensemble.

What changes would you make to this pattern? I think next time I'll add a little fringe! Let me know what you think in the comments!

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