Fabric and Sewing Closures

From jeweled buckle closures to rhinestone clasps to ornate frog closures, Mood draws upon the rich, extensive history of fabric and sewing closures to keep its collection creatively relevant. The initial use of fabric and sewing closures can be traced back to the Mesolithic era where bone “buttons” and a safety pin-like device were used to fasten garments. Improving on the latter method, the Bronze age (2000 BC - 500 BC) took the idea of fabric and sewing closures to another level with the concept of joining a sliding pin with a metal U-shaped element, otherwise known as the “buckle.” From the introduction of the zipper in 1800s to the post-WWII appearance of Velcro to some of today’s most cutting-edge closure concepts, it's amazing to watch the evolution of fabric and sewing closures.