Fabric Dictionary


Fiber: Silk.

Weave: Gauze or made on bobbinet machine or knotted.

Characteristics: A very fine, all-silk tulle which originated in France. It has a cobweb appearance. Hexagonal open mesh. Made in 52 inch and 72 inch widths.

Uses: Veilings, particularly for weddings, trimmings.


A type of knitting. Usually featuring large diamond checks showing light, dark and halftones in between.

The diamond areas are separated from each other by complete loops, and not loops superimposed on ground loops made from other yarns. Mock intarsia knit gives the same patterning motif using the jacquard mechanism.

Design is most often seen on sweaters, scarves, socks and stockings.

The word intarsia refers to all kinds of 'inlay' including marquetry, which is a form of decoration for furniture and architectural panels.

From the Italian word, intarsiare meaning 'inlay'.


Fiber Linen, cotton.

Weave: Dobby or basket.

Characteristics: It is strong. Rough in the surface finish but finer, shinier than cotton huckaback. Has variation in weaves but most have small squares on the surface that stand out from the background. Comes in white, colors, or colored borders. Also stripes. The motif is made from a series of floats, some of them rather long, which gives a loose effect in certain areas. This, if well spaced, acts as a good absorbing agency.