Fabric Dictionary

Nacre Velvet

The back is of one color and the pile of another, so that it gives a changeable, pearly appearance.


Fiber: Cotton

Weave: Plain

Characteristics: Produced in the finishing processes from the same gray goods as used for batiste, cambric, lawn. Fine and lightweight. Soft and has a slight luster in the better qualities (mercerization). Slightly heavier than batiste. Like lawn but not as crisp. Soft, lacks body. Usually found in white but also comes in pastel colors and some printed.

Uses: tucked or embroidered, blouses, night wear, lingerie, and infant's wear.

  1. the raised pile on textiles, esp. velvet.
  2. a soft downy surface.
  3. Austral. colloq. blankets, bedding, swag.

Middle English noppe from Middle Dutch, Middle Low German noppe 'nap', noppen 'trim nap from'


Fiber: Rayon. Synthetics.

Weave: Plain, open mesh.

Characteristics: A sheer, fairly crisp fabric, heavier than chiffon. Much like Voilé, but more body. The warp yarns are often grouped in pairs. Washes well, particularly in the synthetics.

Uses: Mostly used for curtains, and some for evening or bridal wear.

Non-crushable linen

Weave: Plain

Characteristics: It is very versatile and has excellent washability and durability. It is treated so as to create a high resistance to wrinkling. This finish provides greater resilience and elasticity.


Characteristics: Mainly found in South America. Beautiful, silky, fine belly undergrowth.

Uses: Primarily used by the fur industry but the textile industry often uses fibers in blends emphasizing softness.


Characteristics: This manufactured fiber is very strong and is resistant to both abrasion and damage from many chemicals. It is elastic, easy to wash and is quite lustrous. It returns easily to its original shape and is non-absorbent. It is fast drying, resistant to some dyes, and resistant to moths and other insects, water, perspiration and standard dry-cleaning agents.

Uses: Women's hosiery, knitted or woven lingerie, socks and sweaters, rugs and carpets, tents, sleeping bags, duffle bags, racquet strings, fishing lines, sails, tire cord, machine belting, filter netting, fish nets, laminates, and ropes.