Mood Brand Dressforms

Presenting our Mood Brand Dress Forms complete with collapsible shoulders and adjustable in height. Covered in natural linen for easy draping and constructed in durable steel. Dress Forms come with two locking casters and an optional right arm. 


Mood Brand DressForm Size Chart
PartSize 2Size 4Size 6Size 8Size 9Size 10Size 12
Front Length13¾"14"14¼"14½"14"14¾"15"
Back Length15¾"16"16¼"16½"16"16¾"17"
Breast Spread6½"6¾"6 7/8"7"7 1/8"7 1/8"7¼"
Back Width13¼"13¾"14"14¼"14"14½"14-7/8"


Each Dressform is delivered in 2 Boxes.

  • One large box measuring 51” long x 14.5” wide x 10.5” high.  Box includes:
    • 1 Mood Brand Dressform Body.
    • 1 Slide locking height adjusting pole with spring landing
    • 1 Right arm
    • 1 Right Shoulder plate cover and screw
  • One small box measuring 14” long  x 14” wide x 5” high. Box includes:
    • 1 Base
    • 1 Foot lever
    • 4 casters; 2 locking, 2 non-locking

Total Number of people needed for assembly:

  • 1 to 2 people

Required Tools:

  • Phillips Screwdriver (optional)


  1. With the base upside down, place the two cross bars facing you. (Base is packed in box upside down)
  2. One at a time snap the caster to lock into place.
    1. Place the two locking casters to the left
    2. Place the two non-locking caster to the right
  3. Turn base right side up.
  4. Slide the Foot Lever over cross bars on front. Foot lever should rest on cross bars and foot lever plate should lay beneath center hole of base
  5. Unscrew knobs on neck of the base
  6. Slide adjusting pole into hole, with small nut and spring first, all the way down until weight of pole lifts Foot Lever.
  7. Tighten both knobs to lock Adjustment pole into place.
  8. Slide large spring over adjustment pole and let it lie on top of base.
  9. Step on Foot Lever to the dressform locking mechanism. Both halves of lock should be flush with each other.
  10. With help from another person slide Dressform on adjustment pole with foot depressing on Foot Lever. Lower to a comfortable height.
  11. Slide Right Arm into slot on the right shoulder.
  12. Alternatively, if you prefer to use dressform without the right arm you can use a Phillips Head Screwdriver to screw in the included Right Shoulder plate cover.

To use:

  • To collapse shoulders:
    • Push in, at the same time, on the top of the shoulders with the palm of your hands until they lock into place.
    • Push again on top of shoulders to release collapsed shoulders
  • To adjust height of dressform:
    • Depress Foot Lever and slide dressform body up and down
    • Release Foot Lever at desired height