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Brocade Fabric

Brocade Fabrics (from the Italian word for broccoli "brocatto") are distinguished by a secondary, non-structural weft pattern which creates a raised appearance similar to embroidery. Brocades can be made from Silk, Cotton, Rayon, Polyester or metallic synthetic fibers. Brocades often have striking floral, geometric or or animal patterns woven into color-intensive backgrounds, sometimes with metallic highlights.
  • Italian White Geometric Modern Rayon Blend
    $17.99 / Yard

    Italian White Geometric Modern Rayon Blend

    Product #: 301563

    $17.99 / Yard
  • Alice & Olivia Blue/Black Leopard Chenille Brocade

    Sold Out.

    Product #: 309997

    $24.99 / Yard