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Cotton Boucle Fabric

A bold texture and an exquisite flair join in perfect harmony to create Mood’s Cotton Boucle Fabric. Although crafted from wool, this cotton fabric by the yard is still light!

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  1. Product #: 304946 Black Ribbed Knit Cotton-Polyester Boucle
    Almost Sold Out! Only 6 Left.


    $13.99  / Yard
  2. Product #: FW12151 Beige/Off-White/Dusted Blue Solid Boucle


    $25.00  / Yard
  3. Product #: 422839 Black Crepe-Back Cotton Boucle


    $17.99  / Yard
  4. Product #: 423178 Pale Beige and Black Nubby Boucled Knit
    Almost Sold Out! Only 2.5 Left.


    $17.99  / Yard
  5. Product #: 424496 White Stretch Cotton and Polyester Boucle
    Sold Out


    $17.99  / Yard
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5 Results

Cotton Boucle Fabric has a bold texture and exquisite flair. The nubby feature of the material is crafted by curled yarn strands that can vary between tight coils or lax ringlets, which is why the name of this fabric comes from the French word for “loop”. Two strands are combined, with one being much looser than the other and twisted. Boucle fabrics are often made from wool, but cotton boucle fabric has a much lighter feel while maintaining durability. This versatile material can offer either an unstructured look with bohemian panache or a polished style of a more classic, Chanel-esque form. Cotton boucle fabric is perfect for lined jackets, sweaters, suits, and dresses.

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