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Find inspiration in Mood’s extensive, runway-worthy online collection of Designer Fabrics, ideal for apparel, drapery, upholstery, and more! Explore luxury designer materials by the yard for men’s and women’s fashion!

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  1. Item #: MD0112 Mood Exclusive Passing of Adonis Ivory Stretch Polyester Crepe
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    Designer: Mood Designer Fabrics

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The difference between designer fabrics and the regular stuff is exactly what sets designer clothing apart from mass-market products – a higher standard of manufacture and design than the rest of the market. The label ‘Designer fabric’ can mean a fabric that has been printed with a unique design made specifically for or by a particular designer, or one that has been chosen (in specific colorways) from a textile company’s collection for a particular fashion house. Designer fabrics are usually of a superior quality than other fabrics, represented by higher thread counts in woven fabrics. Designer fabrics can also be highly engineered fabrics such as wool that is sleek, soft, and still warm.

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