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Find the lace fabric that speaks to you and shop by the yard or panel! We have plenty of lovely fabrics for all your lace needs, whether you’re looking for something traditional, like floral lace, or something modern, like animal print or metallic lace. At Mood Fabrics, tailor your shopping experience by filtering through the different qualities you’re looking for in lace fabric.

Supplies You Need with Lace Fabric

Lace fabric is intricate yet simple when it comes to sewing. You’ll need your basics, including:

  • Pins: Since lace is so delicate, we recommend working with fine silk pins to avoid creating unnecessary snags. 
  • Sewing needles: You’ll want a sharp needle, a ballpoint needle (if working with stretch lace), and an embroidery needle if you’re adding any detailing to your lace fabric.  
  • Thread: Cotton thread will work well with most lace. If you’re working on a high-end lace project, consider silk thread. 
  • Scissors: You’ll need sharp sewing scissors to cut your lace evenly. 
  • Seam ripper: As with any sewing project, a seam ripper comes in handy to retrace your steps when necessary. 
  • Lining fabric: Depending on your project, you may be adding a lining to your lace. 

Check out sewing patterns that are perfect for lace fabric to find out more about what notions you’ll need. 

Lace Fabric Alternatives

Not sure if lace fabric is right for you? If nothing is catching your eye, consider alternatives like eyelet fabric and net fabric, which is more loosely woven than lace, offering exceptional breathability and a bolder look. 

Pairing lace with other fabrics? Match heavier lace with heavier fabrics, like satin or taffeta. Lighter lace goes great with silk or crepe materials. Consider browsing appliqués to add another layer to your lace. No matter what you’re making, we know it’s going to look amazing with whatever lace fabric you choose! 

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