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From heavenly treescapes and blooming flowers to traditional ancestral patterns with nuanced approaches, explore the online Mood Exclusive Serengeti Collection that boasts a level of unmatched fabric and pattern diversity!

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  1. Item #: MD0431 Mood Exclusive Verdant Shadows Viscose Jacquard Mood Earth Logo
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Inspired by the ancestral lands that play host to one of the most ecologically diverse regions in the world, The Mood Exclusive Serengeti Collection commemorates the myriad beauty this natural wonder has to offer. Drawing from the abundance of flora and fauna in the area, the collection gives appreciation to the Serengeti’s subtropical weather and mineral-rich soil which work together to allow for a range of unbelievably diverse habitats. Derived from the word “seringit” in the language of the native Maa people, Serengeti roughly translates to “endless plains.” From heavenly treescapes to lush gardens and blooming flowers, to traditional patterns with a nuanced approach, The Serengeti Collection, like the Serengeti itself, boasts a level of diversity that is unmatched. Produced in Spain, explore high-quality cotton voiles, cotton sateens, polyester crepes, and rayon jacquards in a wide range of prints to expand your sense of style.

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