The Twilight Collection

Liminal spaces and supernatural elements dominate the Mood Exclusive Twilight Collection, featuring a premium online selection of printed cotton voile, stretch sateen, and rayon batiste fabrics by the yard!

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  1. Item #: MD0636 Mood Exclusive Feline Phantasm Rayon Batiste Mood Earth Logo
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    Designer: Mood Designer Fabrics

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From slow seasonal transitions to the quick fade from day to night, the Mood Exclusive Twilight Collection explores the spaces in-between. Darkness falls and ghostly designs pass into our world, featuring strange geometrics, spectral florals, and otherworldly conversational prints that will push your designs in a weird-ward direction. This captivatingly haunting collection features premium cotton voiles, stretch sateens, and rayon batistes imported from Spain just for Mood, to ensure your next project is supernaturally elegant!

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