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How Bonded Fabric is Made

Bonded fabric is the act of combining fabrics using an adhesive instead of a woven or knitted technique. Bonded fabric is created by combining two or more other fabrics into a single composite fabric. The layers are selected and treated, then an adhesive or bonding agent is used to combine the materials. From there, heat rollers are used to press the fabrics into one. After that, there’s a curing process and post-treatment. 

Advantages of Using Bonded Fabric

Bonded fabric has many advantages. It offers enhanced strength and durability, improved stability, insulating properties, versatility, reduced fraying, and added comfort. Plus, it can provide a unique visual appeal depending on the bonded fabric you select. 

Fabrics that Can be Paired in Bonding

There are many different fabrics that can be paired in bonding! For example, some of our bonded fabrics include nylon, polyester, cotton, twill, and viscose, to name a few. Some common combinations include cotton with polyester, nylon with spandex, and polyester with rayon. The possibilities are endless!

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