Faux Fur/Leather/Suede

Faux Fur, Leather & Suede Fabric

Whether you are looking for faux fur, faux leather or faux suede, we offer a large variety for you to make your selection. Going faux allows you to be animal-friendly as the furs are created from acrylic that has been manipulated to look similar to natural fur. With similar properties to natural leather, faux leather is more economical and can be produced in a wide variety of colors. More durable than natural suede, faux suede is tear-resistant and easy to care for making it an ideal choice.
  • Black Faux Leather Embroidered Netting Fashion Fabric
    $24.99 / Yard

    Black Faux Leather Embroidered Netting

    Product #: 109217

    $24.99 / Yard
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