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From fabric-cut fringe to layered threads, Mood’s collection of specialty Fringe Fabric by the yard offers unbeatable texture and style. Find your favorite fringe material for that flowy decorative touch!

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  1. Product #: 322601 Theory Black and Gray Fringed Novelty Woven
    Almost Sold Out! Only 9 Left.

    Designer: Theory

    $17.99  / Yard
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Texture and style all in one, check out our eclectically curated collection of Fringe Fabrics! Believe it or not, fringe got it's start as utilitarian trim. Used by many Native American tribes, they would cut the hemlines of garments as a way to whisk away rain from the body. During the 1920's, however, fringe became synonymous with the flapper girl, a style which is still present today! From fabric-cut fringe to layered yarns and threads, a fringe detail can consist of almost any element. Explore the decorative touch we just can't get enough of!

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