Laminated & Waxed

Laminated & Waxed Fabric

As the name implies, Laminated fabrics refer to a material that has two or more layers of construction with a polymer film bonded to a fabric. Popular in rainwear, automotive, and purely aesthetic fashions, the process of lamination can impart different textures, finishes and lusters. Stemming from early mariner wear, cottons, canvases and sail cloths were among the first waxed materials in preliminary rainwear. As waxed materials feature natural contents both the fiber and wax, a reapplication of wax may be required throughout the garments lifetime.
  • Theory Black Solid Glazed Wool Knit
    $13.99 / Yard

    Theory Black Solid Glazed Wool Knit

    Product #: FW25153

    $13.99 / Yard

    Designer: Theory

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