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Add historical flair to your wardrobe with Mood’s online selection of Polyester Bengaline Fabrics by the yard! With thick texture, craft our polyester bengaline materials into skirts, jackets, and pants!

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  1. Item #: 322570 Ultra Royal Polyester Moire Bengaline


    $15.99  / Yard
  2. Item #: 322560 Ultra Royal Polyester Bengaline


    $9.99  / Yard
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2 Results

Bengaline Fabrics are perfect for keeping on a budget while looking cute. Bengaline became fabric in the 1880's and 90's and was made with silk and cotton which reduced its price. It features weft-wise ribs that provide a thick texture. Similar to piqué, bengaline is an excellent alternative to pure silk fabrics. Create bustling circle skirts and exquisite cigarette style pants with bengaline.

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