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What is Nylon Fabric?

Nylon is made from chemical reactions that create a solution that cools, becomes brittle and is then cut into chips. These chips are melted and placed in a funnel-like contraption called a spinneret, which feeds the molten chips through its narrow holes at the bottom, then presses and spins them into single strands, forming Nylon yarns that will later be woven into cloth.

Supplies You Need when Sewing with Nylon Fabric

When it comes to nylon fabric, you’ll need your basic sewing supplies. Nylon can be tricky to sew, so it’s important to have the right equipment. You’ll want a smaller sewing needle to avoid damaging the fabric. You’ll also want super sharp scissors or a new rotary cutter to ensure you’re cutting your nylon in straight lines. As far as thread, try nylon thread or a thicker polyester thread to keep your fabric secure. 

Alternatives to Nylon Fabric

Not sure about nylon? Polyester, a fabric with many similar properties, is also often used in apparel and outdoor gear. Rayon, wool, and silk are other popular alternatives to nylon. 

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