Polyester Satin Fabric

Polyester Satin Fabric is a lustrous soft material with a nice drape for a gorgeously flowy look. The material is crafted using a weaving technique whereby at least four weft yarns float over a single warp yarn at a time, or vice versa. This floating, creates the glossy appearance of the fabric. Because it is made from polyester, this material offers the same outstanding durability, insulation and wrinkle resistance characteristic of Polyester Fabric. As strong as it is beautiful, Satin Fabric is perfect for creating stunning gowns, cinched dresses, and blazers.

  • Macadamia Geometric Satin Burnout Fashion Fabric
    $17.99 / Yard

    Macadamia Geometric Satin Burnout

    Product #: 317459

    $17.99 / Yard
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