Double Face

Rayon Double Face Fabric

Rayon Double Face Fabric is a gorgeous Rayon material that offers reversible sides and a unique versatility. It’s crafted from wood pulp in the form of purified cellulose fiber. The pulp is converted to a soluble compound, which is then dissolved and inserted into a spinneret to form the new refined fibers. Double Face Fabric is made using at least two sets of warp yarns and at least one set of weft yarns that are intertwined to create a double-sided surface. Rayon Double Face Fabric is a versatile beauty ideal for making suits, coats, vests, blazers and trousers.

  • Dark Navy Stretch Double Faced Vicose Suiting Fashion Fabric
    $17.99 / Yard

    Dark Navy Stretch Double Faced Vicose Suiting

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    $17.99 / Yard
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